I’m bad at coming up with good titles…

It’s been a strange day.  A lot of thoughts have been going through my head lately.  It seems that I have been confronted with religion a lot more frequently this past week and it has been annoying, to say the least.


As a child, I was weird, different, whatever.  I questioned the Sunday school teachers, corrected our pastor in the middle of his sermons (ex. women don’t have an extra rib), and let my curiosity make the church dislike me.  I remember having a kid in my Sunday school class tell me that his parents told him that I was Satan.  Apparently, the fact that I questioned, didn’t blindly follow, and made others curious… well, I was the devil to them.  They weren’t the only family to believe this.  Word spread, being a small town, and I was tormented by my peers.

*Flash forward*

If you get told something enough times, you actually start to believe it.  A close friend, jokingly (I hope), made a pretty convincing case that I am Satan.

Top Five Reasons that I am the Devil (according to my asshole friends)

1.  I find pleasure in people not believing in a god.

2.  I cause other people to question their faith.

3.  I’m a “bad” person in an attractive package.

4.  I appear innocent.

5.  I passionately dislike the religious.


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