Enrolled for school.

My daughter is getting ready to enter kindergarten and I can’t help but dread what is going to come of the next few years.  While I’m very excited for the journey she has ahead of her, I also dread the environment she will grow up in.  Not her home environment, but the overly religious environment she is going to be exposed to at school.  She will be attending the same elementary school that I did.  The same school with the teacher that refused to teach evolution in 6th grade.  I remember her clearly.  She told us that every word in our evolution chapter was a lie and she didn’t understand how the good lord could allow someone like Darwin to exist.  We were handed a test, told that it was open book, and that was the end of our experience with that chapter.  At the time, I was like the rest of the students, very much indoctrinated.  At the time, I completely understood her reasoning and admired her piety.  Only one person in my class actually believed in evolution, she was my best friend.  Her father had studied archaeology at one point and he educated her well.  I remember several of the students shunning her and a couple boys in the class harassing her at recess.  This is what my daughter is going to face and it makes me cringe.